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Automatic Transmission Flush Service in Cleveland, GA

Automatic Transmission Flush Cleveland GAYou’re driving down the road and suddenly your car skips, but you’re not sure why. Slowing down at a red light, then pressing the gas when it turns green your car jolts suddenly as it springs into gear. Is your automatic transmission about to go out? Will you need costly repairs or even an automatic transmission rebuild? What about the horror stories you hear on the internet!? Well if you’re located in the Cleveland, GA and White County area stop by over at Mike’s Full Service auto repair shop and we’ll be able to properly diagnose your automatic transmission. Most of the time those horror stories we hear about our automatic transmission is just that, a horror story, but not the facts.

Over time automatic transmission fluid becomes worn and the oil loses it’s viscosity to a point where gears begin to have less lubrication than they’re used to having. Depending on the model of your vehicle you could be way overdue for a automatic transmission fluid change and you’ll need a full flush to rinse out all that old, bad fluid in your car.

Automatic Transmission Diagnosis Cleveland, GA

After the automatic transmission flush service your transmission should shift like it was intended to from the factory. Old fluid gunks up the gearing with buildup in tight spots of your transmission while losing oil viscosity in the critical areas. An automatic transmission flush forcefully cleanses the old deposits from inside of your transmission and refreshes your transmission. After the automatic transmission flush if problems persist or surface it’s usually because of worn gears from not having the flush sooner in the life of your vehicle or from driving hard.

At Mike’s Full Service we’ll be able to properly diagnose a faulty automatic transmission and replace it if needed. However, this is rarely a concern with newer vehicles with proper maintenance. The most important point to remember is to perform an automatic transmission fluid flush at the recommended service time! Dealerships rarely perform this service before your dealer maintenance plan runs out and it is critical to the life of your vehicle!

High Mileage Vehicles are More Prone to Failure!

2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty auto transmission flush

2011 Ford F-Series Super Duty: Cutaway of the all-new 6R140 heavy-duty TorqShiftª six-speed automatic transmission. (02/26/2010)

If your car or truck has more than 75,000 miles on it, a transmission flush is critical to the health of your engine. The reason high mileage cars and trucks could be more prone to failure is simply from improper maintenance over the life of the vehicle. If you’ve regularly changed your fluids on scheduled intervals however, you’ll be able to own your car or truck for many years and thousands of miles without worrying about permanent damage or costly repairs. Maintenance is always far cheaper than the alternative!

So don’t worry about any potential problems with your automatic transmission. Bring it in to us at Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland, GA located just south of Wal-Mart on 129S behind Alexandar Funeral Home. Stop by during normal business hours and enjoy our comfortable waiting room or call ahead of time at 706.348.1474 to schedule an appointment and save time!