Automobile Diagnostics in Cleveland GA

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No “Guesstimates”, but rather “diagnosis”. At Mike’s Full Service, we take the term “diagnosis” very seriously.  Before one can take something seriously they must first define it.  For this we turn to Mr. Webster:

di·ag·no·sis – the identification of the nature of an illness or other problem by examination of the symptoms. “early diagnosis and treatment are essential”

We don’t do “guesstimates”…we do careful diagnostics using both technology and the intuition that comes from years of training, experience and flat out hands on getting dirty under the hood.  We don’t apologize for it.  We embrace it.  Medicine is often called an art form.  At Mike’s Full Service we see diagnosis as an art form and that is why we have a mere adjustment on Mr. Webster’s definition.

di·ag·no·sis – the identification of the nature of an automotive anomaly or other problem by examination of the symptoms. “diagnosis and treatment are essential”

After careful diagnosis we will:

  • Carefully trace the root cause of a problem and address it directly
  • Sell ONLY the parts required to repair your vehicle
  • Treat your vehicle as if it were our own and will replace or repair any rare instances where our work causes an issue or harms any portion of your vehicle, free of charge.
  • We’re not satisfied until we are certain the problem is fixed.  So when the scanned code says the issue has been properly addressed, we’ll trust our own exam to confirm.
  • Here’s a helpful hint:  When the Check Engine light is on, there is always a problem.

We are committed to delivering back to you an automobile that has been successfully examined, diagnosed and the issue repaired to our satisfaction and yours, delivering valued service at a far and competitive price. If you have a problem with your vehicle stop in or give us a call at 706.348.1474.