Automobile Making Strange Sounds

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Engine Noise Diagnosis Cleveland, GA

If you are driving your vehicle and start hearing strange sounds, there IS a problem.  A scratching or squealing sound as you brake, a thump when you turn, a rhythmic tapping noise that speeds up as accelerate, a sputtering sound – they are all worthy of your concern.  It could be as simple as a stone caught in the tread of a tire or as complex as a bad rotor in your brake system, a rod tap in your engine or a broken strut in your suspension system.  Or it could be engine mounts and hardware, the drivetrain or engine head or any number of things.

In any case it could be much more dangerous than things that go bump in the night and must be addressed — and it may or may not be safe to continue driving. So don’t risk it.

car making noisesAs drivers in Cleveland, GA, we often the first things we think of are baseless possibilities.  Some make the decision that if the sound is not accompanied by some other symptom, like the steering wheel pulling to a side or a noise when you break – it’s something that can wait.  That’s a bad decision.

If you pry a stone out of your tire tread and the noise stops then clearly you’ve found the problem and addressed it.  But more often than not it’s something that will require the attention of a professional.  At Mike’s Full Service auto repair in Cleveland, we diagnose these sounds with a variety of techniques including a test drive.

While these issues are often not as bad as you think, you need to get it looked at.  There are cases where a suspension issue could lead to catastrophic failure that pulls your care off the road, or worse, into the oncoming lane.  In any case, never let it go!

Once diagnosed we go to work on the repair using quality OEM and aftermarket parts of the highest standard and years of experience and attention to detail.

If you’re experiencing a problem with your car and need a good, honest mechanic in Cleveland, GA, look no further than Mike’s Full Service! Give us a call at 706.348.1474 or stop in any time during business hours for us to check out your car!