Brake Change Service in Cleveland, Georgia | Service Your Brakes in Cleveland, GA

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Brake Change Service at Mike’s Full Service in North Georgia

brake change Service Cleveland GeorgiaThe brakes on your vehicle ensure that your car stops when necessary, whether at a traffic light, a stop sign, or a pedestrian crosswalk. When your brakes are worn, they can add needed stopping distance for the vehicle to stop, and in some severe cases, the car may not stop, which can lead to accidents.

Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland, Georgia provides complete brake service in North Georgia, including the areas of Gainesville, Dahlonega and Cumming. Our technicians hold the highest certifications in all of North Georgia, and understand the individual needs of your vehicle. We provide customized brake service to all vehicles, and we are North Georgia’s “Family Car Doctor.”

Find Top-Quality Brake Service in Cleveland, Georgia

Brake Change Cleveland GAThe brakes are one of the most important parts of your car, ensuring that your vehicle stops when it needs to. The brake system of any vehicle is comprised of several working parts beginning with the master cylinder, including:

  • Brake pads
  • Brake discs
  • Brake calipers
  • Pistons

Though there are typically wear indicators on disc brakes, it’s usually easier to know by the sounds they make when you press the brake pedal. The brakes either squeak or make a grinding sound, and when that happens, you know you’ve got an issue. When your brakes are squeaking, they are typically worn down but aren’t yet grinding on your rotors; however, when you start to hear a low grinding sound, your brake pads are typically completely worn and are grinding into the rotors.

Schedule Your Brake Change Service at Mike’s Full Service

When you hear your vehicle’s brakes starting to make any kind of noise, you know that it’s time to get your brake system checked and repaired. Contact Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland, Georgia, and bring your car to the Family Car Doctor. Our team of highly-qualified mechanics provide complete brake service, ensuring your safety while behind the wheel.