Brake Job in Cleveland, GA

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Brake Job in Cleveland, GA

Cleveland Georgia Brake JobDriving down the road a car in front of you comes to a sudden slow. You apply your brakes but your steering wheel starts to shake! Even though you were able to slow down in time, the shake must have meant it’s time to change your brakes. No problem because your local parts store is able to offer the best pads at half the price of Mike’s Full Service or other local auto shop brake jobs!

But are worn brake pads the only thing changed within a complete brake job? It’s a common misconception, but nearly impossible for the average individual to perform a quality, safe brake job on their vehicle! We don’t mean it as an insult by any stretch of the imagination, but a brake job takes into effect several factors.

More Than Just a “Brake Job”

When you bring in your car or truck, we evaluate all areas of your brake system for repair, service, and replacement! From the engine bay to the tires, every aspect of your brakes is reviewed. We check and restore:

  • Worn Brake Pads and Shoes
  • Change Drum Brake Springs
  • Grind and Resurface Brake Rotors
  • Check All Brake Lines for Leaks
  • Purge, Refill, and Bleed Your Brake Fluid

Your brake system is crucial to the safety of your vehicle. Today’s newer vehicles are much heavier, sometimes by 2,000 lbs, than the vehicles of yesteryear. In a heavier, faster vehicle is it absolutely crucial the brake system functions at the peak of it’s performance. Brake jobs at our Cleveland Georgia auto shop take into account modern safety standards for yourself and family.

How Often Should I Have My Brakes Serviced?

Brake Repair Cleveland GAThere’s actually no hard and fast rule to having a brake job done. The generally accepted mileage is between 20 to 60 thousand miles! We know, it’s a huge gap, but that’s because brakes wear differently depending on your style of driving. In Cleveland, GA we don’t have a lot of stop and go like Gainesville, GA or other areas, but we do have high speed stops. If you’re like many of us you know it’s only a matter of time before a runaway deer jumps in front of your vehicle! If you don’t know when the last time was your brakes were serviced, bring the vehicle in so we could check it for you and replace only if necessary. Then keep a record of mileage and have a check-up every 20,000 miles to be safe!

While we’re working on your brake job, at your request, we’ll also look for other potential problem areas in your vehicle and diagnose the issues based upon urgency. So stop into our Cleveland, GA auto repair shop or give us a call at 706.348.1474 to schedule your appointment today!