Brake Repair and Brake Changes Cleveland GA

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Brake Repair and Brake Changes Cleveland GA

How to fix your brakes Cleveland, GAThere are number of warning signs when your brakes need to be changed!

Do you hear a squeal when you depress you’re vehicle’s brake pedal?  Does the pedal feel spongy or go to the floor when depressed?  Does your car pull to the left or right side of the road when you depress the brake pedal?  Does the red BRAKE warning light come on when you apply the brakes?  Does an amber ABS warning light come on when you apply the brakes?

If you have any of these symptoms, you need to have your brake system professionally tested, well inspected and, if there is an issue, replaced.

It’s difficult to find a more important system on you vehicle than you braking system.  When rolling, you’re literally at it’s mercy.  If the brakes don’t work it can cost you a bent fender, dented bumper or, Heaven forbit, the lives of you and your family.

brake change cleveland gaAt Mike’s Full Service we think that makes it paramount your brakes are functioning properly and have sufficient pad remaining, intact calipers and good contact with the rotors.  That’s why we say “When you get your brakes done make certain they are done right.”

When we do a brake job at Mike’s we are very thorough.  We install quality brake pads, check and balance all rotors, the master cylinder and examine all brake lines to make certain there are no cracks or leaks.  A brake job is also a great time to examine the suspension system components and ensure they are functionally intact and providing the proper correction and ride comfort.

By asking for your brake job business we are asking you to put your trust in Mike’s Full Service that each time you depress the brake pedal, the brakes will properly engage and you and your family will be brought to a safe stop.  For this reason we are fully committed with attention to every single detail related to your braking system as if we were replacing our own brakes and our own families wellbeing was on the line.

As with all our jobs, we will road test your vehicle before turning it back over to you and make certain we’ve cleaned up after ourselves.  If you’d like to have your brakes replaced or repaired in the Cleveland, GA area stop on in or give us a call at 706.348.1474.