Car Starter Replacement and Repair

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Starter Replacement or Repair Cleveland Georgia

car Starter replacement cleveland gaA failed starter can cause you big problems. Although checking out your starter functions or electrical system is relatively minor maintenance, failure to check it out or maintain your starter and electrical connections can be a disaster the day you need your car to work most. Without the starter you’re going nowhere.

Call Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland, GA at 706.348.1474 and we’ll have you starting up and back on the road in less time than you can say, “It’s all been taken care of by The Family Doctor for Your Car.” At Mike’s Full Service we’re able to test your entire electrical system and if need be, repair or replace your starter to get your car up and running in no time!

What your vehicle starter is:

  • The starter, simply put, is the initial motor that cranks your vehicle.
  • When you turn the key to your vehicle’s starter motor, a tiny amount of electrical current from your batter ignites your engine. Once the engine starts your starter’s job is done.

How you can tell if your vehicle’s starter needs help:

  • Car-Starter-ReplacementIf your starter is having trouble, your engine will not crank properly or won’t crank at all. It may be slow to start or noisy.
  • If your vehicle lights, radio, or other electrical devices don’t work, most likely your problem is the battery.
  • If your vehicle lights, radio, and/or other electrical devices are working and your vehicle won’t start, you have a starter problem.
  • If you have start up problems but your vehicle eventually will crank up, your starter should be checked as well as the other electrical elements connected with your battery and your starter system.
  • Your starter should always be checked along with regular maintenance to avoid unexpected or untimely starter failure.
  • A slow crank or single crank click may not be a bad starter. Sometimes a simple problem such as a dirty or loose battery cable or a weak battery fixed or replaced could be the solution.

Whether you need a new or rebuilt starter or just a simple battery cable cleaning, Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland, GA is your answer. Call the car doctors at 706.348.1474.

They’ll check your vehicle, let you know exactly why it’s not working and/or if it needs a new starter. The whole electrical system on your vehicle is connected. Mike’s Full Service can diagnose exactly where your problem lies without delay, saving you time and money in the process. Mike’s Full Service–servicing all types of vehicles in Cleveland GA and the surrounding areas.