Car & Truck Engine Replacement Cleveland, GA

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Car & Truck Engine Replacement Cleveland, GA

Engine Replacement and Diagnosis Cleveland, GAThe engine is the heart and soul of your car or truck, but over time the cylinder walls, seals, gaskets, pistons or valves wear and become damaged. An aging engine causes excessive fuel consumption, engine burning oil, rough idle, complete failure and power loss or even a potentially dangerous or hazardous situation which could cause an accident. We’re able to diagnose the potential problems associated with your engine and pinpoint exactly what went wrong and how to fix or replace the situation.

If the engine in your car or truck is damaged beyond repair you’ll usually have one of two options moving forward. Either rebuild your engine or replace your engine with a new or used unit. An engine rebuild is often not as costly as one might think but a factory replacement guarantees OEM service with a manufacturer warranty.

Should I replace my engine with a new or used engine?

Engine Replacement Cleveland GAWhen it comes time to replace a worn engine as we mentioned earlier, you’ll have the option of using a new or used engine. The benefit of using a used, often junkyard engine, is obviously the initial cost of the engine. But these junkyard replacement engines could be a gamble because you don’t know the history of the engine in question. If there are no long term plans to keep the vehicle, this might be an economical option for your car or truck engine swap. However, make sure you declare the differing mileage of the engine if you plan to sell your vehicle.

A factory new engine replacement is the best option for a long lasting, reliable engine. These engines often come with a factory warranty against defects and will even increase the value of your vehicle in the event of a resale because the engine effectively has zero mileage at the time of the engine replacement. These are our favorite engine swaps in our Cleveland, GA auto repair shop a because of our close relationships with local dealerships, we could ensure a like factory, quality engine swap for your vehicle.

What is the cost of an engine replacement for my car or truck?

It’s difficult for us to quote an exact price for any engine replacement without first looking up the specific vehicle in question. Often times there are additional considerations in play when we swap an engine including but not limited to serpentine belts, worn wiring harness, A/C Compressor plumbing and power steering. When we assess the total cost of the engine replacement at our Cleveland, GA auto repair location we take into consideration all factors to make as accurate of a quote as possible.

Whatever you do, remember if you have a major problem with your engine, even if your car or truck is drivable get it repair as soon as possible! Your engine problem could be a danger on the road to either yourself or to those driving around you! You owe it to yourself to give us a call at 706.348.1474 or stop in as soon as possible.