Check Engine Light Diagnostics

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Cleveland GA Check Engine Light RepairCheck engine lights come on when there’s a problem in your car’s system. Modern car systems have On-board Diagnostics II (OBD-II). This is a standardized system designed for testing stations to use one machine for all cars from 1996 until today.

For vehicles before 1996 we use different techniques and two different online information systems to access the diagnostic information you would normally receive from a dealership. Most Asian and American models fit the criteria for these systems.

The check engine light process:

  • With our Strategy Based Diagnosis we first address the complaint.
  • Next we gather information to fix the problem.
    • We use a scan tool in the process that is much more advanced than the parts stores have available.
  • From the information databases and research based on the diagnostics, probability instances, (our results plus what others have seen), we ascertain the results.
  • We pinpoint the diagnosis (which could result in a single electrical connector out of hundreds to thousands within the car.)
  • In the end we fix the problem more accurately and in less time—which in turn saves you money.

Most of the problems are electrical in nature because the mechanical components themselves operate electrically. Vehicles were formerly operated by vacuums and physical conditions. Today ‘logic’ is involved in the entire systems of every vehicle.

If your check engine light is on there is always a problem and it usually affects your gas mileage!