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Car or Truck Vehicle Engine Rebuild Cleveland, GA

Cleveland Georgia Engine Rebuild Auto ShopIt’s the moment every vehicle owner dreads. Piston rings are burning oil like nobody’s business, there’s a loud knocking sound, and the tick from the engine sounds like a bad typewriter. White billows of smoke exude from the exhaust and your once reliable daily driver feels like it’s on it’s last leg. You’ve become so accustomed to your car or truck that it pains you to trade it in for another vehicle with it’s own host of potential problems, but the cost of a new engine feels out of reach.

Breathe new life into your tired engine with a new engine rebuild! We offer reliable engine rebuilds in our Cleveland, GA mechanic shop for the fraction of the cost of a new engine. Over time the piston rings and gaskets of an engine become worn, leaking oil into the combustion chambers and coolant into the oil pan. The mixture of oil and water inside of your engine is a recipe for disaster as it not only destroys driveability of your vehicle but also gas mileage and emissions output.

What does an engine rebuild actually do?

The end result of an engine rebuild is a stable, like new, mechanically sound engine. An engine rebuild does not take into effect the electronics of a vehicle, but ensures clean burning of the fuel being delivered into your car or truck. There are multiple types of engine rebuilds but most engine rebuilds consist of a ring job. The most common reason for a engine rebuild are worn rings around the pistons. Replacing piston rings is the least expensive type of engine rebuild as we refresh your engine compression.

If any of your pistons are damaged beyond recovery, at Mike’s Full Service auto shop we’ll replace your pistons and any associated parts necessary for the completion of your engine rebuild. The end result is a mechanically sound, like new, or better than new engine for your car or truck usually at a fraction of the cost of a brand new engine.

How long will an engine rebuild last?

Engine Rebuild Cleveland GAA properly built engine at Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland GA should last as many, if not more miles than if the engine was delivered from the factory with proper care. Don’t forget, if you’re having an engine rebuilt here in our automotive shop to also consider any supporting work to make your car run like new. This could include but may not be limited to spark plug wires, distributor or coil packs, replacing a rusted radiator, or a radiator flush.

If you think you might need an engine rebuild or have more questions stop by our auto shop located in beautiful Cleveland, Georgia during normal business hours.

You could also call our shop at (706) 348-1474 to schedule an appointment at your convenience. We look forward to speaking with you!