Cooling System Flush Cleveland GA

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Cooling System Flush Cleveland GA

Cooling System Flush Cleveland GAAn important, and often overlooked area of your car or truck’s maintenance is the cooling system! No, we’re not talking about your car air conditioning. We’re talking about your engine cooling system that’s always working to keep your engine from overheating!

This is includes your radiator, engine thermostat, water pump, and the cooling passages in your engine block which flows past your head gasket. Antifreeze is used as an exact measurement to not only keep your engine cool, but to make sure your radiator and engine block do not freeze in the winter!

If the antifreeze isn’t completely flushed out properly at least once every two winters you could be looking at serious repair bills down the road (pun intended) as your engine overheats! We cannot stress enough how important this often neglected system is.

What does a Cooling System Flush involve?

cooling_system flush Gainsville GAWhen Mike’s Full Service is talking about flushing the cooling system, we’re not talking about topping off the radiator. We’re not even talking about draining the radiator completely, and refilling.

Our auto repair shop will actually flush out the old coolant using specialized chemicals until all of the coolant in your radiator, engine block, heater core, turbocharger, and all related equipment is cycled out. During this process the radiator fluid will often start out as a brown, milky substance, and will slowly change during each flush until the flushed fluid is as clear as water.

After we’ve reached that perfectly clear consistency in your cooling system, we’ll run through one more flush to verify, then calculate the exact coolant mixture according to manufacturer specifications. Finally, while we’re flushing your car or truck cooling system, we’ll also check for any other weak areas in your cooling. Often an inexpensive part, such as your vehicle engine thermostat will need to be replaced

Schedule Your Cooling System Maintenance Today!

Before it gets too cold here in Cleveland GA it’s important to flush your coolant! Give us a call or stop in today to schedule your cooling system flush today to avoid headaches later! Our phone number is 706.348.1474 and we’re open Monday through Friday 8am to 6pm!