Full Service Car Tune-up Cleveland, GA

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Cleveland Georgia Car Tune Up ServiceIf your jeep, truck, SUV, auto, or other vehicle needs a tune-up and your dealer warranty has run out, call Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland, GA at 706.348.1474.  Avoid the the high cost of dealer pricing for your Full Service Tune-up. Bring your vehicle to where ‘we tune you up without wringing you out!’

Today’s complex vehicles require expert handling. With years of experience at Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland, GA we are able to pinpoint, tune-up and fix your vehicle to keep your engine running strong for life. Without proper maintenance your vehicle will suffer, and loss of time will hinder your lifestyle.  

What can you expect from Mike’s Full Service?

Your full service tune-up will depend on the age or type of vehicle you own. However, many requirements remain the same.

  • Spark plugs should be check to make sure they’re not worn and are firing correctly.
    • A misfire could cause other problems or even prevent your car from starting.
    • Spark plug wires could erode and stop your car from running smoothly.
  • Fuel filters need to be checked or replaced.
    • A clogged fuel filter could force your pump to work harder causing problems with the pump and eventually cause more damage and expense.
  • Your air filter should be changed every 30,000 to 45,000 miles.
    • A dirty air filter will not be able to stop dirt from passes to your air intake system. If the dirt gets through, it may clog your fuel injectors and worse—dirt may filter into your engine.
  • PCV Valves also need attending to.
    • Replacing these valves will prevent oil sludge (oil mixed with dirt and grime) from accumulating and traveling to the engine or other parts.
  • With your full service tune-up, hoses, belts, wiring, and other vital areas will be checked, replaced or maintained.
  • Depending on the age of your vehicle the timing and fuel delivery system, carburetor, points, distribution system, and/or rotors may need changing. Or your car’s computer system will simply need to be checked and updated.
  • A tune-up is recommended every 30,000 miles.
    • Tune-ups should be based on mileage and not on performance in order to keep your engine running young without a hitch.

How can I tell if my vehicle needs a tune-up?

Car Belt Replacement Cleveland GeorgiaSigns that you’ll need to get to Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland, GA as soon as possible include:

  • Your engine light is on. Depending on the age of your vehicle this could be your first indicator.
  • How’s your fuel mileage? If you’re getting less and less miles to the gallon, you need a tune-up.
  • Your vehicle doesn’t start right up. It stalls when idling or hesitates when accelerating.
  • Your car is making noises it didn’t make before. A well tuned vehicle will always sound smooth.
  • And finally, is your car vibrating or shaking?

These are all signs that you should call Mike’s Full Service at 706.348.1474 without delay. Located in Cleveland, GA, Mike’s Full Service does tune-ups on vehicles in Helen, Cleveland, Dahlonega, Dawsonville, Gainsville, and the surrounding areas. Call for an appointment today.