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What is the Heating System in Your Vehicle?

heating system repair cleveland gaThe heating system in your vehicle provides a variety of essential functions that ensure the proper operation of your vehicle. The main object of your vehicle’s heating system is to work with your coolant system to move the engine’s excess heat away to prevent overheating. When these two systems are working in harmony, your engine stays cool while you stay warm inside your car.

The complexities of your vehicle’s heating system do not always work in harmony, however. When you start experiencing symptoms of overheating in your vehicle, or your vehicle seems to not be heating properly inside, it’s time to bring your car to the Family Car Doctor. At Mike’s Full Service, our team expertly diagnoses your vehicle’s heating system and provides the best repairs to ensure your vehicle’s overall health.

Diagnose & Repair Your Heating System in North Georgia

Your vehicle’s heating system is comprised of a various components that ensure its proper function, and when one of those components fails to perform, the entire system is compromised. These components include:

Each of these components work together to regular the internal temperatures of the engine and the cabin: the water pump pushes coolant to the engine block and flows through the cylinder heads to the heater core where the fan directs the warm air into the vehicle’s cabin through the dashboard. After transferring that heat into the cabin of the vehicle, the coolant is returned to the water pump and the circulation begins again.

Schedule Your Vehicle Heating System Diagnostic & Repair at Mike’s Full Service

Truck Heating system repair cleveland GAHeating system issues arise for a variety of reasons, and may be electrical or mechanical. Because it is not always easy to locate where the issue is stemming from, we always recommend a diagnostic inspection to learn more about the internal problems. During a heating system diagnostic, our team inspects each component to locate any issues that may be causing the system to work improperly.

Once we’ve located the problem within your vehicle’s heating system, we are able to easily repair the problem to get you back on the road. While we’re repairing your vehicle’s heating system, we’ll also check your coolant levels, inspect your heater control valves and make sure that all components are functioning properly.

Contact Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland, Georgia for your heating system diagnostic and repair. Our team holds the highest certifications of any car repair company in North Georgia, and provides our services to Helen, Dahlonega and Gainesville, Georgia.