Replacing Inner Tie Rods and Outer Tie Rods in Cleveland GA

Replacing Inner Tie Rods and Outer Tie Rods in Cleveland GA2019-01-30T20:49:19+00:00

Replacing Inner Tie Rods and Outer Tie Rods

Inner tie rod replacement Cleveland GAA tie rod connects the wheels to the steering rack and is a vital component to your steering assembly and alignment. The problem with this vital part is that it’s location is very susceptible to damage from potholes, poor road conditions, road debris, and even very minor fender benders. Weaknesses in your tie rods could start to crop up in the form of your car or truck pulling to one side during braking, while driving, or shaking in your vehicle.

It’s difficult to determine exactly how long tie rods last because this isn’t a part generally built to be replaced regularly. Usually only “adverse” road conditions cause damage to the tie roads and this could happen anywhere from a vehicle with only 10 miles on the odometer and 100,000 miles. Your best bet is to be sensitive to how your vehicle drives or to have us check and replace this inexpensive part on your “new” used vehicle.

What Happens When Your Tie Rod Breaks?

Well… to answer the question easily: You’re going to have a bad day. To be mildly more detailed we may need to understand exactly what the tie rod does. The tie road is directly linked to ensuring your wheels are pointing in the direction YOU want them to be pointing in. Without a tie rod, one or both of your tires will decide where IT wants to go. If this does happen, your best hope is that it’s going to be while the car is very, very slowly rolling in a wide-open, deserted parking lot and your brakes are working perfectly.

The problem is the most likely time a tie rod breaks is while you’re driving down the highway at 70mph with on-coming traffic. The video within this page gives you an example of the potential damage a broken tie rod could cause while you’re with your family. The attached video is an example of a breaking tie rod in a professionally-built, high tolerance, race vehicle with an experienced driver. Driving down the road in the average consumer car or truck we all own with drop offs, barriers, wild animals, and other vehicles will be much more dangerous.

Schedule your Total Vehicle Maintenance Check-up Today

The best way to make sure your tie-rods and other vital suspension and steering components are in their best working order is to schedule a total vehicle maintenance check up. We’ll be able to evaluate your car or truck and repair it to be equal to or in greater condition than when it left the dealership. You heard right, we said we could repair your vehicle to greater condition than when it left the dealership. That’s because at Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland GA we’re able to devote personalized attention to YOUR vehicle.

To schedule your check up with Cleveland’s family doctor for your car, give us a call or stop on in. Our ours are Monday through Friday from 8am to 6pm.