Do You Need Your Shocks & Suspension System Replaced?

suspension replacement repair cleveland gaYour vehicle’s suspension system and shocks lighten the impact of the road’s force on your vehicle, making your ride smoother and more comfortable rather than having your car bounce every time there’s a pothole or a bump or every time you need to do a sudden maneuver. The shocks, or shock absorbers, within the suspension system are designed to be velocity-sensitive, and provide more resistance with the increased speed of the suspension systems.

At Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland, Georgia, we provide the highest-quality shock and suspension replacement to the surrounding areas of Helen, Dahlonega and Gainesville, Georgia. Our team of mechanics holds the highest certifications in all of North Georgia, and understands the importance of a properly functioning shock and suspension system. We provide a complete diagnostic evaluation and the best prices to ensure that your shock and suspension system are in their best working order.

Why Should You Replace Your Shocks & Inspect Your Suspension System?

Did you know that your suspension system and shocks can affect other systems which are vital to your vehicle’s performance?  When your vehicle’s shocks are worn, they can cause brake delays, and sometimes increase your stopping distance by 10 feet, making it very dangerous to drive. You may also experience increased sway, body rolls or bounce when driving when your shocks are in need of replacing. Our team at Mike’s Full Service understands the intricacies of a properly functioning suspension system, and we know that healthy shocks improve your vehicle’s handling and braking.

There are a variety of shocks that modern vehicles use today, including hydraulic, gas, electronic and air shocks. Each of these systems requires the proper inspection and replacement services to ensure that the performance of your vehicle’s suspension system. Your vehicle’s suspension system may use any combination of these shocks, and it’s best to replace the front and rear shocks before you experience any difficulties while driving.

Schedule a Shock & Suspension Replacement at Mike’s Full Service

Shock Replacement Cleveland GAIf your vehicle is handling differently or if you’re experiencing any difficulty with braking or bouncing, it’s time to schedule your appointment with Your Family Car Doctor to diagnose and replace worn shocks. Our team at Mike’s Full Service holds the highest certifications in all of North Georgia, and provides shock and suspension system replacements for customers throughout the entire area, including Cleveland, Helen, Dahlonega and Gainesville, Georgia.

Contact our team online or via telephone at 706-348-1474 to schedule your appointment with North Georgia’s Car Doctor to determine if it’s time to replace your front or your rear shocks and get your suspension adjusted.