Steering System Auto Repair Cleveland, GA

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Steering System Auto Repair Cleveland, GA

Power-Steering-System repair Cleveland GAWithout a properly functioning steering system you can’t go anywhere. That’s why at Mike’s Full Service on Highway 129—2727 HWY 129 South—in Cleveland, GA we check out all possible obstacles that would keep your vehicle’s steering system from turning smoothly and efficiently. Our top auto technicians and optimal diagnostic service will keep your auto from going around in circles.

Just call 706.348.1474 for your next steering system check up.

How your steering components work:

  • Your vehicle’s STEERING is a collection of carefully designed machine parts—steering wheel, gears, linkages, rods, wheels, and all the other parts that connect or ease turning movement—all are designed to control the direction of a vehicle’s motion.
  • There are three main parts to this system, a steering box which connects to the steering wheel, the linkage or components which connect the steering box to the wheel assemblies at the front  or rear wheels and suspension parts that assist the assembly pivot.
  • With rack-and-pinion in most of our modern vehicles there is a steering wheel, a main-shaft, universal joints, and an intermediate shaft so pinion rotation gives better feedback.

When to see a Mike’s Full Service mechanic:

Truck Steering Repair Cleveland GeorgiaSince your steering, including wheels and linkages, and your suspension are interconnected your trouble might not be close by. Dirt carried into gears, augmented parts such as tie rods bent during rides on rough roads, rust, or any number of aging difficulties can cause problems. Here are some of the signs to look for telling you that your vehicle will need diagnostics from the car doctor soon.

  • Your brakes, wheels or other steering wheel components are making noise. Any noise should be checked.
  • Your system is leaking fluid. (Time and time again we want to stress that any fluid leak coming from your auto should be addressed.)
  • Turning your steering wheel has become a lot more difficult, uneven, or there is a noise when you turn.
  • Your vehicle is shaking all the time, just when you speed up, just when you slow down, or when you hit a pothole or bump.  

Keeping the fluids that effect your steering updated and keeping your car lubricated will affect your car’s performance and extend the life of your steering components. Your gas mileage will improve as well as your peace of mind.

At Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland GA we thoroughly check all areas of your vehicle’s steering. Whether you drive a jeep, truck, car, SUV, or other vehicle our technicians can assess your needs and get you on the road quicker and safer. Just call 706.348.1474.