The Most Honest Mechanic in Cleveland, GA

The Most Honest Mechanic in Cleveland, GA2019-01-30T20:49:21+00:00

Have you ever dreaded visiting the mechanic?

Of course you have. Often times visiting the auto repair mechanic is like visiting a dentist you don’t know when you have a tooth-ache! Especially if you know little to nothing about cars. So many of us have experienced horror stories of visiting repair mechanics with what seems like a small problem, only to be confronted with a tall bill at the end of the day.

Established in Mike has gained a fantastic reputation in the Cleveland, GA area for honesty and quality auto repair service. Our specialty is diagnosis of pointed problems and we never perform work we don’t have permission to do! If you bring in your car for a brake change, we won’t decide you need a new timing chain or shock you with an unexpected bill. Ever.

How do I know if my small car problem is serious?

Sometimes people bring a vehicle to us with a minor tick, or check engine light and while they don’t experience anything major, they simply want to check if there is a problem. We believe in thoroughly explaining to our customers in an understandable manner if there is a serious problem. Mike is a certified ASE Master Mechanic which means he is capable of thoroughly diagnosing any modern vehicle to bring it not only into spec, but perform at optimal levels.

When and if we find any auto repair problems we’ll first explain to our customer in a manner as detailed as they would like, what exactly is causing the issue. Mike believes in fixing the root cause of any problem, instead of laying a bandaid on it. If for any reason, in the very rare instance, we feel our shop is unqualified to fix the problem with your vehicle, our network of trusted auto repair specialists is ready and willing to fix your problem at reasonable rates.

How long does it take to diagnose my car?

Car repair diagnosis, especially check engine light signals, is Mike’s specialty and you would be surprised how quickly we’re able to diagnose what’s ailing your problem so we could get you back on the road as quickly as possible! Just remember that no matter what problem is occurring within your car, to address the situation as quickly as possible!

Our auto repair shop is located in Cleveland, Georgia, just south of the Wal-Mart on I-129. To ensure we’re able to service your car in a reasonable time frame, be sure to schedule an appointment ahead of tme! Our phone number is 706.348.1474. Call any time during office hours and we’ll be sure to set the best appointment time for you.