Transmission Replacement or Repair Cleveland Georgia

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Transmission Replacement or Repair Cleveland Georgia

Manual Transmission Repair in Cleveland GeorgiaDon’t let your transmission suffer at the hands of an amateur. Your vehicle’s transmission is vital and must be maintained properly at all times. Costly repairs or replacement can be avoided if you catch any potential problems early.

Call 706.348.1474 or come into Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland, GA and we’ll run full diagnostics to troubleshoot your automatic or manual transmission and get to the bottom of your transmission’s ills before they becomes a disaster.

The function of your vehicle’s transmission:

  • Simply put a transmission is the mechanism by which power is transmitted from an engine to the wheels of a motor vehicle.
  • Your transmission carries the engine’s power to the drive axle by a series of gears allowing the engine to rotate at various speeds.

What to look for when your transmission needs help:

  • A leak could be the first sign that you need to get your vehicle over to Mike’s Full Service in Cleveland, GA.
  • Check under your car to see if any of your axle’s are leaking or seeping fluid. If they are you should have the transmission looked at IMMEDIATELY. Any fluid leakage needs to be diagnosed and dealt with.
  • If you see a leak, note the color—bright red, dark red, or brown. Brown is an indication that the fluid needs changing as well.

Your vehicle’s transmission is dependent on fluid to operate. When the fluid runs low, it could cause friction which in turn could cause rapid wear and tear on your transmission.

Transmission repair shop cleveland gaWhat could the problem be on your transmission:

  • Your vehicle’s pressure control or shift solenoids could need replacing if your vehicle is having trouble shifting or if you notice over-shifting.
    • Solenoids control the flow of fluid in your transmission.
  • If your vehicle is having a problem shifting into gears or if the gears are slipping your transmission fluid could use a flush.
    • This replaces old transmission fluid with new.
  • If your vehicle has been leaking fluid for a long time, you may need to replace parts or at worse you may need your transmission replaced with a new or rebuilt replacement.

Having the transmission flushed every 40,000 to 100,000 miles could help you avoid the need to rebuild or replace your transmission and could potentially fix the problem completely.

Since a minor leak can turn into a major problem if left alone, a good check-up every 40,000 miles could avoid any leaks and mean the difference between replacing your transmission for thousands of dollars or flushing your system for $200 or less.

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