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Tune Up & Oil Change Services in Cleveland, Georgia

Tire Rotation Service Cleveland, GAWe all know the importance of regular maintenance on your vehicle, but did you know that in many cases, you can perform tune up and oil change services at the same time? Performing these services at the same time helps to save you time during your busy schedule, whether it’s going back and forth to work, taking the kids to practice or simply driving through hectic traffic.

At Mike’s Full service, we understand the importance and necessity of performing essential maintenance services to your car in a timely manner. We combine our tune up services with our signature oil change services, providing our North Georgia customers with the best service possible. We provide a complete check up on your vehicle during your tune and oil change service, ensuring that your car is in the best condition for optimal performance.

Keep Your Car in Excellent Working Condition at Mike’s Full Service

Your routine oil change and tune up service ensures that your car continues to operate at its highest performance. At Mike’s Full Service, our routine oil change and tune up services aren’t complete without our multi-point inspection. This multi-point service inspection includes:

  • Checking fluids, including radiator coolant and transmission fluid
  • Engine codes and check engine lights
  • Brakes, rotors and drums
  • Tire pressure and tread

OOil Change Cleveland GAur highly-certified technicians also check any other potential problem areas that are vehicle specific, ensuring the best oil change and tune up service. We use the exact weights and measurements for the specific vehicle and the season.

Contact Mike’s Full Service for Tune Up & Oil Change Services in North Georgia

After our oil change and tune up service, we place a sticker in the upper left corner of the glass as a reminder to our customers. In addition, if the vehicle has an on-board computer, as many newer vehicles do, we reset the CPU to manufacturer specifications.

Make sure to visit Mike’s Full Service – The Family Doctor for Your Car – when it’s time for your vehicle’s check-up. Contact us online or via telephone at 706-348-1474 to schedule your appointment.