Vehicle Hard Starts During Cold Weather | Cleveland, GA Auto Repair

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Vehicle Hard Starts During Cold Weather | Cleveland, GA Auto Repair

Cold Start Hard Start Cleveland, GAAs the temperature drops, our vehicles are pushed to their limits… and so is our patience! There’s nothing more discouraging than to hop in your car on a cold Georgia morning and hear your engine struggle to survive. You know it’s best to let it warm up a few degrees before driving off but you simply don’t have the time. Heading out of the driveway your car stalls, or driving down the road it’s as if all levels of power have been drained! Now what?

If you find yourself in the above situation don’t panic! Contact us at Mike’s Full Service immediately and we’ll schedule rush service for your car or truck. But the key is not to have trouble in the first place! So what happens during the cold start and could we fix it? Of course we can! And we don’t mean brewing an extra stout cup of coffee so you won’t be late to work, you’ll have to do that on your own!

What Causes Hard Starting Engines in the Cold?

Your engine is a furnace. Quite literally, thousands of explosions are happening inside of your vehicle every time you turn the car key, step on the gas, or even idling at a stop light. This furnace is cooled by a water mixture in your radiator, fired by gasoline vapor in combustion chambers, and lubricated by fresh oil inside your engine “crankcase.” These fluids are designed to work at extremely high operating temperatures up to 200 degrees! Obviously when the engine is less than 30 degrees these fluids haven’t had enough time to sufficiently warm to proper temperatures!

Cold Start Cleveland GA Auto MechanicMost vehicles have been designed to need no more than 30 seconds to warm up, however it is important to allow your engine some time to warm up before driving off! Generally, older vehicles have a much harder time warming up than newer vehicles, but it is always ideal to allow a few moments of warmup time.

Car and Truck Diagnostics in Cleveland, GA

Mike’s Full Service is able to perform thorough checks on your vehicle to determine the root cause of any vehicle trouble, be it drivetrain, electrical, or suspension. Schedule an appointment with us today to learn more about what we might be able to do for you!