Weak Automobile Air-Conditioning System

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Car Air Conditioning Repair Cleveland, GA

A weak or failing air-conditioning system must be addressed immediately and the work must be done by certified professionals.  At Mike’s Full Service auto repair our staff is highly experienced and dedicated to delivering back to you an automobile with its comfort restored safely and effectively.

Here’s a car scenario many have experienced:

You get up on a sweltering hot and humid North Georgia morning, have breakfast, hop into a refreshing shower and get dressed for work.  You feel clean and crisp and dry and confident.  You anticipate a quick jaunt from your front door to the cool environment behind the wheel of your car.  As you open your front door the wall of heat and humidity hits you like a semi-trailer.

It’s thick. It’s oppressive. It’s overwhelming.  But in the driveway sits almost immediate relief – the car as a sanctuary of cool that gets you to work every morning. An environment that helps make living in the South bearable.

You bolt for the car, swing open the door, and slide behind the wheel, start the engine and flip the air to HIGH.  You feel your forehead getting moist as you put your hands before the ducts in anticipation of a burst of cool.  “Oh no”, you think.  “Oh no, don’t tell me this!”, you say out loud.  At that moment a bead of perspiration drips off your forehead and you are faced with the reality the heat of this sweltering humid day is just to great for your air-conditioning to counter.  Almost immediately you feel like you never showered.  You don’t feel crisp and buttoned up.  As you pull from your driveway you have lost some of that confidence you started with and know that it will either get worse or you’ll be pummeled on your drive with windows open merely to survive the ride.

As you pull into the parking lot at work you pull out your mobile phone and make the absolute best move you can – you call Mike’s Full Service and book an appointment for an air-conditioning diagnosis and servicing.

At Mike’s Full Service we are experts in car air-conditioning.

If your car AC no longer blows cold it’s because there is a leak.  Period.  Because of a leak you’ve lost pressure and fluid and it must be addressed immediately.

You need the professionals at Mike’s Full Service to address this issue because:

  • Self-refilling of a leaking AC system is illegal and can result in you receiving heavy fines.
  • Self-refilling can be dangerous and cause permanent damage to your vehicle.
  • A certified shop is the safe and solution to restore that comfort of cool.
  • Regardless of whether your system uses R12 or R134, if it’s not working it’s leaking.
  • Conversions from R12 to R134 are simple and effective for aging systems.

The professionals at Mike’s Full Service will do a quality job for a competitive price that is very likely cheaper than you think. Give us a call at 706.348.1474 or stop on by today!